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Join a community of faith-filled women & take class with me anywhere, anytime! LOA@home is a Virtual Studio Membership that gives you access to Christ-Centered Yoga, High Intensity Dance Cardio, and Total Body Sculpt. Every experience is designed to strengthen your body and your faith. 

Ever feel guilty for being

inconsistent with your workouts?

How about shame from missing out on time in the presence of God? 

Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Anxious? I feel you girlfriend, I’ve been there too. 

Something truly divine happens when we invite our physical body into our spiritual life, and vice versa.  

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LOA  ||  What is it?  

LOA ( low- uh)  is a word with many meanings,

but it began as a simple acronym for Jesus's

golden commandment - Love One Another.  

This space was created for you to be strengthened & encouraged in your worship and your workouts within a community of women that love one another along the way. I believe that wholeness comes from the pursuit of holiness and the fruit of that pursuit is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness & self-control. 

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Love compels us not to speak

idle words, but to MAKE MOVES!



A total body workout that combines the perfect blend of Strength + Flexibility. After isolating & toning your core, arms, legs & booty, you’ll leave this barre inspired class feeling empowered, and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.

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This class will help you to alleviate stress, stimulate blood circulation, improve posture and increase flexibility.  Each sequence is mindfully created to link breath and movement  while teaching you new ways to stretch your body. We achieve balance only when we’re firmly rooted and with Jesus as our anchor, we can surrender our anxiety in exchange for his peace. 



This dance inspired cardio party is for everyone, even you my friend!! There’s no complicated choreography to memorize, just non-stop movement with you + me & the DJ. There's a freedom that comes with dance & by the end of a session, you’ll be feeling confident, full of joy and dripping in sweat! 

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the difference

There are a million and one places on the internet to get a great workout, but I want to invite you to be a part of experiences that transcend your workout time and enhance every area your life. In order to create lasting change, your mind, body and spirit need to be nourished and that’s exactly what we’ll do, together. 

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Give Me JESUS. In every class, we start with prayer. We invite the Holy Sprit into our home, our hearts & minds as we move our bodies.  You're welcome just as you are. If you don’t pray or share the same beliefs as I do, NO WORRIES! You’re still invited to join the fun & make moves.

Beautifully BALANCED. Classes are designed from a toolbox of fitness methods to strengthen your body, improve flexibility & achieve balance with an intentional and functional approach towards everyday life. We’re always creating fun, effective ways to keep you moving.

Constantly TRANSFORMING.  Each month, you receive a new content bundle so rest assured, no two workouts will ever be the same. As you consistently take different classes throughout the week, you’ll begin to see the results of a well rounded movement program. 

DJ-Mixed MUSIC. Anyone who has ever taken a group fitness class before knows the importance of good music. We work with some of the hottest DJs in the country to deliver a sound experience that you’ll want to play on repeat. 

True COMMUNITY. Although we may be meeting virtually, I wanna get to know you & become friends! Together we'll love well, move well and live well.

Give Generously


LOA is a community that is rooted in loving others and thats why 10% of your membership goes towards the charity of the year! Wether it’s rescuing and rehabilitating women from the sex slave trade, or bringing fresh water to people in need around the world, we’re making moves to make a difference.

charity of 2021:

Elijah rising

Click here to learn more about Elijah Rising and

their mission to put an end to sex trafficking.

Join a community of women who are pursuing Jesus + Health & Fitness

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