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How to Create Structure in your Devotional Time

In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.

In our generation, we have distractions waiting to tempt us from the moment we open our eyes. Apps that keep us connected to each other but tend to pull us farther away from God. IDK about you but I don’t want a surface level acquaintanceship with God. I want to love God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I want to seek Him, to know Him, love Him, serve Him, obey Him and ultimately glorify Him... but at the end of the day I’m still human and I need the Holy Spirit to help me DAILY.

We all have our own definitions of the "best time" of day, but scripture makes it clear.

Do I have to wake up early? Is it really necessary to seek God in the morning? What if I’m not a morning person and I do better at night? For most of us, our day begins in the morning, and if we’re prioritizing God, that means He comes first thing in the morning.

In the beginning, Cain and Abel brought an offering to the Lord. Cain brought some fruits of his labor, but God didn’t respect that offering or look on it with favor. I think it’s because in Cain’s case, God was an afterthought. His brother Abel put God first and brought the best of the firstborn of his flock. It pleased God and He looked on that offering with favor. God deserves the best of your first In everything.

“I rise before dawn and cry out for help; I put my hope in Your word.”

Psalms‬ ‭119:147‬ ‭

I want to remind you that there’s grace for imperfection and I personally struggle with creating deep moments of intimacy with God in the mornings in this in this season of my life. The idea here is to be intentional and deliberate about giving God the best of your first. Even though I have a newborn and I can’t control when she wakes up in need of her Mama, I CAN set my heart on God so that the moment I wake up I’m in a state of thanksgiving and prayer. I thank God for who He is, for her little baby cries, for my handsome husband sleeping beside me. I thank Him for grace and mercy in understanding that I may have to meet the needs of our baby girl before reading the word or sitting still before Him. But on the days where I can wake up to my alarm instead of the baby, I’ve created a structure around my devotional time that helps me to give thanks, repent, listen, learn and pray.

Step 1: Set A Time

It may seem strange to set an appointment with God on your calendar, but it all starts with a time and a place to meet. TRUTH: God can meet you anywhere, anytime. Reality: We are so busy & distracted that we'll miss out on hearing from God if we're not intentional.