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Every year, hundreds of people flood the streets of Waco and Dallas for RECON. It’s a nonstop party from Thursday to Sunday filled with hugs, laughter, dancing, lights, music, and the most amazing people.

It all started when three brave Wacoans decided to create a fitness experience where every body belongs and ten years later, the revolution is spreading throughout the country, connecting hearts and transforming lives.

I became a REFIT instructor in August 2019 and when I met Angela Catherine and Emily, I knew that I had found my people. Our relationship moved quickly as we shared the stories of our hearts and the dreams we felt like God had given us long ago. Fast forward two years later and I was invited to speak at the annual instructor convention and humbly accepted the honor.

The Conference was held at the Dallas Renaissance Hotel & this year the theme was Camp RECON and the halls and ballrooms were transformed to imitate the nostalgic goodness of the summer camps that felt like home to some of our favorite childhood memories.

The amount of time, and work that goes into producing an event of this scale is mind blowing and it’s incredible to think that a large portion of the work being done is by willing volunteers who have a heart to serve!

On Thursday, people begin gathering in Waco for PRECON. A day of fun, perfectly curated experiences around Waco, including ax throwing, a flash mob and ending with a huge dance party that you never want to end. This year, I decided to forgo the festivities for the opportunity to become certified in a new format called Rev + Flow which is exclusively available to REFIT instructors. The high intensity, low impact workout pushes you to new heights in mind and body as you focus on mobility, flexibility, balance and strength - all while being kind to your body. Its a workout that has been crucial in my post-partum fitness journey and I cannot wait to share it! I stayed in a super cute Air B&B and headed for Dallas on Friday morning.

I’ve never been a shy person, but I’ve also never really felt comfortable enough with myself to be 100% myself with a group of people outside of my immediate family. I’ve always been very aware of the social expectations within a group and would only show the parts of myself that fit within those expectations. I love that at RECON, every single person there is invited to be 100% authentic to who they are. If you've been told you’re too much, way too loud, goofy, dorky, strange or just plain weird like Ive been told a time or two in my younger years, it’s easy to introvert. Pack it all in. Keep it together. Before I married Matt, I was kindof serious. Maybe even a little ... dare I say.... boring. He’s a man who lives life to the fullest and welcomes all the crazy parts of my personality so he definitely draws out my fun side, but still, outside of him and a few select others, I was really reserved. Until RECON.

Let’s be honest; I don’t even know who Def Leppard is... but with a little help from Google + Matt, I found my RockAerobics outfit and had the BEST time pretending to be a rockstar. The weekend was filled with everything from informative and inspiring breakout sessions to themed experience classes to after hours Club REFIT®️ Party.

One of my favorite experiences was Junior Johnson’s Sunday morning movement session. It amazes me that the man can take a Beyoncé song and turn it into a worship experience! With scripture on a large projector screen to go along with each dance, he connected my heart for God with my love for movement, in a room filled with some of my favorite people. This years RECON was one where memories were made, new friendships were forged, and the love in my heart for this community was expanded tenfold.

The hardest part about the trip was being away from Lana for three nights. I missed her knee rolls, her neck rolls, those big beautiful eyes, her tight little hugs and her sweet baby kisses. When I saw Emily’s baby I literally burst into tears because I missed her so much. As much as I wanted Matt & Lana to be there, I thought I would enjoy a little time away for myself, you know, a little mommy getaway. Instead it just made me realize just how much I really love spending time with my family in this season and I don’t wanna miss a thing. Next year they’re coming with me & we’ve established that it’s a non negotiable.

Although it was hard....the letters, DMs, emails, texts and video messages I got from Revolutionaries in response to what I shared in my breakout sessions was a well received reminder that I was doing exactly what I was called to be doing that weekend. I know that God has blessed me to fill the role of wife and momma at home, but He’s also entrusted me with gifts and opportunities to glorify him outside of my home and for that I’m so thankful. I prayed the prayer, “send me, Lord” and meant it. Wherever, whenever, no matter the cost, I have decided to answer the call wherever He sends me to speak the truth in love, to encourage, to inspire and ultimately to glorify Him.


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