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Welcome to my


I hope that you're encouraged and inspired to pursue wellness in mind, body & spirit.  



Personal Training

Need a workout that’s custom tailored to your needs? 1 on 1 movement sessions help you

stay disciplined and focused,

and ensures that you get the most out of your time & effort. 


Body &  Spirit

Join a community of faith-filled women & take class with me anywhere, anytime! a Virtual Studio Membership where every experience is designed to strengthen your body and your faith 

Nutrition Coaching

Ditch the food rules, drop the

fad diets and learn how to eat better, without feeling deprived. Get the accountability & guidance you need to reach

your goals & maintain them,

even when life gets busy.


what others are saying

“Working out with Christina changed my life! Along with a variety of physical exercises she brings positivity and upbeat attitude. She knows exactly what my goals are and helps me to achieve them. My body looks better than ever and for the first time in my life, I’m looking forward to each personal training session!”

- Tatiana M.

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